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Eleanor Lamb - Bioshock 2


Eleanor Lamb - Bioshock 2.

“Love is just a chemical. We give it meaning by choice.”

3 skins, green (neutral), red(angry), pink(depraved).
Bodygroups to make a bodyhack easier, rig included.
With the files smd, .max and textures for those who want to edit it.

Image of the bodyhack with the Power Girl model by me. :)

Extracted and converted by me.



Isn't there already 1 in Steam Workshop? or is that removed from the workshop?

ScarionetteSFM posted 11 months, 1 week ago


This one works as an offline download though that wouldn't require the Steam Workshop; easier access to it's files too.

MissSonicBoom posted 11 months, 1 week ago


The only Big Sister model on the Steam workshop is one that I personally uploaded, Scarionette, and it didn't have the Eleanor Lamb texture because I couldn't find it in the game files.

kat1004 posted 11 months ago

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