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Ships (WoW)


Most ships from World of Warcraft for your sea adventures or whatever you want to use them for. To see all models search for zent\ships. Includes the following:




icebreaker, icebreaker_paddlewheel,

nightelf_ship, nightelf_ship_sails (if you want sails version),


kiljaeden_ship, the_vindicaar, the_vindicaar_light,


kultiras_ship1, kultiras_ship2 (parts of the same ship use, default slider to assemble)

Kultiraslarge... (11 parts, use default slider again)

forsaken_shiplarge, forsaken_shiplarge_sails (default slider)

zandalari_shiplarge, zandalari_shiplarge_sails

zandalari_shipsmall, zandalari_shipsmall_sails

The sails of the last two didn't want to cooperate so you will have to adjust them a little. I will try to update it with fixed ones if I can.
There are also some props like cannons, forsaken ballista and kultiran/forsaken ship wheels. Didn't add the other props because combined they were more then thousand.

P.S. Jaina's ship (middle one on alliance side) is not included because I want to hold on it for now.



Nice, been looking for a good setting for a Jaina image set.

AvalonSFM posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

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