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Rwby: Neopolitan


After many request she is finally here!

This is an updated version from Devilscry's Neo. I gave her a new head and hair model. Also gave her some new textures. Thanks to a friend of mine for providing the hair model. The hair model was made by Arneth Myndraavn check out more of Arneth Myndraavn's stuff here:

Ik rig is the same as Devilscry's Neo but this won't affect any previous saves. It's a separate model.

This model also has a new texture edit so it would look more anime like. Thanks to GibusCatthecat for teaching me. Check out more of GibusCatthecat's stuff here:

It’s a VMT settings to basically get self-illuminated models to be lit. I'm planing to include this on the past models with each update.

Another special thanks goes to Fisty-Flatchestia for testing out the model and making these previews!
You can find more of his awesome works here:


hey, i had a few question about the model, is there anywher i can reach you, like on discord or steam?

DCJDCJ2222 posted 8 months ago


@DCJDCJ2222 Yeah I got a Tumblr that goes by the same name. I'm not as active there but you can send me any questions there.

Yinyama posted 8 months ago

Arthur Morgan

I'm Arthur Morgan and this is my favorite model on SFMLab

Arthur Morgan posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago

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