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Claire Redfield Not nude! [RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake]


A NSFW version of model for patrons is here

Features [this release]

  • Few bodygroups
  • «Purple» rig-script
  • Jigglebones (hair)
  • Support face flexes, eye-posing (face bones are in Patreon release)
  • Weapon (pistol)
    Hair, pistol are separated models

Features [Patreon release]

  • Genital and rectal flexes and bones;
  • Body flexes (stomach, throat bulges; a lot of flexes to manipulate butt/breasts/vagina(it also has few complex shapes), etc);
  • Bodygroups (few exposed variants are included);
  • «Purple» rig-script;
  • Skins (pubic hair, simple wetness)
  • Jigglebones (breasts,butt, hair);
  • Support face bones, face flexes, eye-posing.
  • Optimized face bones (original - 249, optimized - 45)
  • Weapon (pistol)
    Hair, all clothes, pistol are separated models


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when baby gets tossed i eat eat o_o

I WAS BANNED FOR BEING A SHITH posted 2 weeks ago


Just to clarify something MMarshmallow don't start with the doll model or this. He already do it before with in example 2B models we don't notice it because someone already payed for this models via commission and choose to share it with community so nothing really new here. And i have nothing against MMarshmallow because he have the right to do all he want with his work. This is only my opinion. ;)

lapinedours posted 1 week, 6 days ago


Well, shit, Leeterr, I owe you an apology. I didn't check the shoulders and sure enough, you're right. They're pretty bad. Also the spine bones don't rotate properly (you might have said something about that, too). These, of course, are legit issues (the 7 dollars is not). Goddammit. I really like the flexes and that butt, so I might just try to make it work for now. Maybe he'll fix the problems. I'll leave some feedback. You other two, don't even start, hear me?

pygo posted 1 week, 6 days ago


I don't think you understand, turkjr175. The OP doesn't own the rights to this model. Selling something off when you dont own it is not just illegal, its wrong. Nothing immoral about plugging your patreon to ask people to support your work, but don't try to finagle people into donating for the model you don't own.

Alpha_Derp posted 1 week, 6 days ago


anyone know if Marshmallow gonna release this model for free soon ? or it will be patreon only 4 ever ?

JackXking1 posted 1 week, 6 days ago


4ever. So pay 7 bucks and enjoy quality models.

avatar0319 posted 1 week, 6 days ago


Why do you enjoy kissing his ass so much avatar0319, the paid model is apparently as bad as the public one. Also like Alpha_Derp said, Marshmallow can seriously face harsh repercussions of a model that Capcom owns rights too.

Strega posted 1 week, 6 days ago


If Marshmallow will face anything, then you can as well shut down every patreon page that has anything remotely close to SFM, Blender, etc. This whole scene is a big grey market. No one has rights to anything posted here (well, to be fair, one or two guys here create original content, but they are an exception to this rule). I can understand people who don't want to pay money for shady things like SFM models, but at the same time - if you don't want it or you don't like quality, you can just sit and wait for another model. REmake 2 is a popular game alright. What's the point of trying to badmouth MagnificentMarshmallow? He's certainly not any worse than hundreads of "SFM animators" who take money for 5-second animation of Lara Croft sucking big dick or "amateur modelers" who got their paycheck for f-ng awful headhacks.

avatar0319 posted 1 week, 5 days ago


This fucking movie ;_; shot dead in the feels with the ending of the waifu but then had to damn drive in the nail with the damn ending, god damnit. Screw whatever what I was going to say I'm just nailed in the emotions.

Strega posted 1 week, 5 days ago


We're not badmouthing MMallow. You're just such a stan it hurts. The only thing we're trying to convey here is saying its a scummy thing to paywall very important shit like face bones, for the pure bait of it. He KNOWS you need those facebones if you wanna headhack, so people are more inclined to pay those 7 bucks. Is it smart? yes. It also however makes you a huge asshole. But Avatar loves to lick it real clean haha

Tastytextures posted 1 week, 5 days ago

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