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Vindictus / Magic Laboratory


Our goal at Dark Dreams has always been to fill in the niche areas of SFMLab, support SFMLab and its growth, and further the SFM community. We're continuing that tradition with this scene build/map. A huge thank you to all who support Dark Dreams, SFMLab, and the creators and artists within.


This is the same exact lab from Vindictus with a few modifications and some cleanup. Some items that were previously floating have been fixed or removed, such as the floating sword and flowers on the desk. Removal of this allows for the user to animate their own in its place or a static object to replace it.


To use the scene build, load all 3 parts. In the Animation Set Editor, drag magiclab_011 onto magiclab_021, then drag magiclab_011 onto magiclab_031. Once they are locked together, highlight all three in the Animation Set Editor, click on the Motion Editor on your timeline (or press tab or F3), and drag the zero slider in Procedural to the right. Then all you have to do is select magiclab_011 and use your viewport to drag it to where you want on your chosen map. This allows the user to load the model and use it with any map they desire instead of being stuck with default lighting and settings.

Known Issues

As this scene was not meant to be viewed from certain angles, there are objects that have no back or side (the desk and counter for example). This is easily fixed through loading other models to cover up the holes if you really need that one perfect angle but can see through an object.


SFMLab for it's amazing database of models, and the hard work put in to ensure quality and ease of use. You can support it at

ThatSFMNoob for their hard work completely setting up the model. You can check out their Patreon at

Our studio, Dark Dreams, for the idea and commissioning. You can check out our VR works and conversions at

Last but not least, Dark Dreams' Patreons and Collaborators for making it possible to continually give back to the SFM community. Without you, this couldn't happen.

You can check out Dark Dreams' other releases here:



Nice. Thanks for this.

FlokiDargo posted 11 months ago


Very nice work, thank you ^^

YamiMarik1994 posted 11 months ago


Such A Perfect piece of Scenery for any wizard, Hell I Bet Someone would use this for Merasmus.

ScarionetteSFM posted 11 months ago


i lack maps like hell XD definately gonna use this when miriams bloodstained model is out, thanks

kyo posted 11 months ago


Nice, thank you

Horsey posted 11 months ago

More medieval interiors like this please!

Serum posted 11 months ago

Dark Dreams

Kyo, when you do Miriam, get in touch with me. I would love to do more VR content with her. And don't worry, there will be more medieval scenes to come, especially from Vindictus.

Dark Dreams posted 11 months ago

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