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Volume Slider for sfm


This script adds a volume slider to the timeline tool bar.

To Install:

Extract the folder to 'SourceFilmmaker\game\workshop\scripts\sfm\mainmenu' before starting sfm

You'll find the script under the script menu.
There is also an option to add it at startup

the only issue with this slider is that it will overlap some tool buttons in the graph editor if you shrink the timeline window too much

feel free to modify the script for your own use
if you find any bugs or have suggestions message me in the comments below.



Nice work, especially with getting custom theming to work out! I didn't get to try it in action yet, but looking at the code, I noticed two things: 1) You search for the mute button by checking the tooltip. If you associate a hotkey to mute, the tooltip changes to "Mute (Ctrl+Alt+M)" or whatever. So you may want to replace an equality check with a contains check (I'd suggest a regex just to make sure). 2) You mix tabs and spaces a lot. And your indentation is pretty inconsistent as well. Might wanna fix that, by running a linter over it! :)

RedMser posted 9 months ago


yeah, for some reason calling toolTip never includes the hotkey cmds, I'm guessing valve made it dynamic on hover toolTip()+hotkey, or something like that. which idle are you using to view the code? cause the one I'm using doesn't show that I have inconsistent indentation.

msu355 posted 9 months ago

I've been using Windows's audio mixer this whole time. Thanks a bunch for your work on this.

RedMoa posted 9 months ago

If I knew you IRL, I would have hugged you by now.

monamy posted 9 months ago

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