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SSBU: Pit / Dark Pit (With Source)



This is the same version that's on the workshop, but it does include my original source files in addition to the compiled files. Feel free to utilize them however you want, or maybe just learn something from them. Just credit me for my original work.

Oh and as the quasi-creator of this work, I hereby officially state that the character's intended age in this content is......


So keep that in mind if you plan to do anything unchristian with this model :^)

Workshop Copypaste:

Enhanced models of Pit and Dark Pit from Super Smash Bros. This is neither the Wii U model nor the Ultimate model, but a combination of the two, with custom details and enhancements mixed in. It retains the texture style from Smash 4, but with much improved and cleaner details overall.

IK Rig and Control Groups file are included

You can choose between an IK rig with FK wings, or a rig with IK wings. Use whichever you prefer.
An IK rig for the horse model is in there too. A control groups file is also included that will tag and organize all relevant bones and groups for this model in the animation set editor. All of my models use the same control groups file so just use the one from whatever my latest release is.

Many parts of the model have been improved with better topology and mesh detail, with brand new high quality normals. Texture AO and seams have been cleaned, UV layouts improved and mapping errors corrected. Improved texture and mesh detail from the Ultimate model has been converted and utilized. Almost the entire model has been rerigged to work optimally with Source and it's weighting limitations.

In addition to the overall model improvements, this port contains all of Pit's equipment, skins (Wii U color schemes), all major animations with corrected foot placement and helpers, a complete set of face flexes that can form any expression, and materials replicated as accurately as possible and in some cases using the same exact material parameters from the game. All details from Dark Pit's model have been converted to work on the same mesh platform as normal Pit, everything has been completely synced between the two.

All changes to the skeleton from the original Smash rig are applied on compile exclusively with QC commands, ensuring full compatiblity with animation imports.

Each model contains presets for many different facial expressions, phonemes, and various useful utility presets such as hand poses and blade locking. The hair, rings, and scarf tails are fully jiggleboned and should behave properly in any situation.

Pit's Three Sacred Treasures from his Final Smash are also included for use, with every skin and bonus Dark Pit versions too. The Lightning Chariot from his Final Smash in Ultimate is included as well.


-Final Smash eyes and curry blush can be toggled on with flexes
-You can load the Smash 4 hair instead of the Ultimate hair with the hair bodygroup
-Switch between jiggleboned and non-jiggled rings with the rings bodygroup
-I highly suggest using the expression presets as a starting point for face posing
-Use the alternate skin groups on equipment to load Dark Pit's versions
-Weapons can be easily bonemerged into the hands, zero them with the animation set editor
-All animations have been edited to combine the left and right blades into one when necessary,
You don't really need to load the bow and dual edge models for them.
-Easily position the blades together for locking with the Bow and Dual Edge presets
-There are a few alternate versions of animations that determine the type of blade or item used
-Dark Pit's unique animations are labeled beginning with D_


I like giving Dark Pit Pits animations

Deleted posted 9 months, 1 week ago

>So keep that in mind if you plan to do anything unchristian with this model :^) Luckily for them, they're Greek ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tivictan posted 9 months, 1 week ago



Dias posted 9 months, 1 week ago


Dias Mandy

Hi_im_a_Weeaboo posted 9 months, 1 week ago



metaldedede posted 9 months, 1 week ago


I hereby change both Pit and Dark Pits ages to... TWENTY. They are 2 years over the legal limit in the US, so keep that in mind when you make Palutena stick things up their butts.

kyo posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Pit may be thirteen, but what of the horses? You covered the wrong base, dude.

lewdmon posted 9 months ago


El best vegan forever

Dude-Mcdude posted 9 months ago


Do you think you'll ever port over rafaknight's Medli model? it recently became freely available for download.

Kenso_ posted 9 months ago

why are the models transparent?

futt66 posted 9 months ago

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