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Optimized DOAFantasy Ladies

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


HOLY FRIJOLES, BATMAN! It's been a HELLA long time since I've uploaded anything here!

I've been very busy with stuff, though! If you haven't found me yet on Twitter, you can find me here: @LordAardvark. I will be launching my new website with the public release of my Miranda Lawson short (if you can call 10 minutes a "short"...), once it's finally dragged out of the quagmire of technical difficulties my sound designer is currently in. It was meant to release 2 weeks ago, so I'm hoping the release will be soon! We're almost there!

Enough of the catching-up, though! Onto this release!

This is something I've been intending to do since the DOAFantasy project completed. In their currently-released form, they are a HUGE memory hog - each lady takes up about 140MB, for a grand total of 2GB of memory usage, just from the ladies alone. In reality, with the outfits they came with, it wasn't uncommon for SFM to crash from memory overuse before you even manage to spawn 8 of the ladies in.

This release MASSIVELY reduces the memory overhead, by allocating a bunch of shared resources between the ladies. The first DOAFantasy lady you spawn will still take up about 140MB - but each subsequent DOAFantasy lady you spawn will only take up on the order of 10-15 MB each - which is 9 to 14 times less memory than previously! In total, you can manage to get all 14 DOAFantasy ladies into one SFM session, and just barely break 300MB of memory being used - scraping in at under 15% of the memory usage!


This download comes with only the base character models and their hairs. Please see the below links for additional assets. Also includes Outfit Loader 2 files for loading their hairs.

Core outfits - The 14 core outfits, slightly modified for working with the minor model changes made to the DOAFantasy models for the optimization process. The ladies do not spawn with outfits anymore, so if you do not have the separate outfits installed, you will need to download this! - Download here

Core outfits OL2 files - Outfit Loader v2 files for the above core outfits - Download here

Please feel free to leave comments here, but if you want to report any bugs, please message me over Twitter! Since Ganon removed the private messages from SFMLab, I only log in here to release things. And, as this release is evidence of, there's a good chance it'll be a while before I release anything! Chances are I won't read your comments here! So message me on Twitter!



@spy0who Yeah his comment section was filled with entitled assholes. Even though Mellow already released alot of free high quality models on here people decided to cry that he had 1 or 2 models for his patreon. But yeah like Hemingway said he got tired of the bs and left. I bet most of the people that complained didn't even make quality animations or posters for the public anyways lol.

EzarkSFM posted 2 days, 2 hours ago


@EzarkSFM The fact you deny what was really going on last month really goes to show how incompetent you were in prolonging the main issue. I'm not sure if you were just generalizing everyone in the same group because you're an idiot, but the problem I had was the models he started plugging his Patreon with were being intentionally paywalled, including the main functions of the models (and NSFW assets). The fact he pretended like it was okay and the models he was making previously not only didn't have the inclusion of his shameless plug, but the quality of the models he was paywalling was a middle finger to everyone. Even the ones who actually bought the model through his Patreon clearly stated it wasn't much different then what was accessible through this site. So, what is the point of uploading shit that's only meant make people support him for the wrong reasons instead of just doing what he did before, without trying to be a sellout? Hell, there were content creators (entitled assholes, as you call them) that have (and probably still do) that uploaded animations and posters that were calling him out for the same reasons I addressed. TheDirtDen literally made the same shit and proved that yes, it is possible to provide "quality" content without intentionally putting it behind a paywall. Next time you try to shove bullshit claims down everyone's throat, make sure you have legitimate facts to back it up with, dumbass.

BlueRose96 posted 2 days, 1 hour ago


How is this talk of Mallow relevant to this upload? Go ask on the discord and stop hijacking.

MissSonicBoom posted 1 day ago

but when are we adding Aardvarks to DOA? The circle of life must be completed

lewdmon posted 23 hours ago


>left because he was tired of the bs That's a real funny way of saying banned in the ass.

meegul10 posted 11 hours ago

I just answered at @spy0who question. But I definitely join @MissSonicBoom position: we dont need a new warzone in the comments section.

waterforhemingway posted 8 hours ago

Tits and ass clipping throught outfits, so bake procedural bones is the only way to fix it? and after it make all jiggles manually? pls tell me there is a way to fix it without baking

Chinas1337 posted an hour ago

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