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Rwby: Emerald Sustrai NSFW

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


The master thief is here!

This is just a port with a few edits. Had to rig her hair and added a bikini outfit. It doesn't work with the white top though.

Rig is Rwby_Emerald

Thanks to Nyahs_smut for helping me with some of the previews.

This model was made by JicJic, Kyosuke and HibikiHusbando



Here we go~~~ Thanks :3

DevilsCry posted 7 months ago


Awesome XD

Strega posted 7 months ago


only the hair was made mt Jicjic. Capt.Kyosuke and HibikiHusbando made the rest of the model. looking forward to sfm lewds :)

jim944 posted 7 months ago


@Strega and DevilsCry Thanks and have fun! @jim944 Got it, I'll add it. Also me too :D

Yinyama posted 7 months ago


Speaking of JicJic, does he himself have SFM versions for his MMD models on his patreon?

Strega posted 7 months ago


Very nice, thanks! :D

icolino posted 7 months ago


Too young.

Bacon posted 7 months ago


Bacon your an idiot or a troll, she is 18....or older.

Strega posted 7 months ago


Its nice to see my model ported to sfm, a lot and time and effort went into making her. A month worth of finding everything I could to make her as accurate as possible. I love seeing sfm creators animations and im super hyped for what they will make with her ^-^

Kyosuke12 posted 7 months ago


@Strega I think JicJic just did mmd model usally are models are ported by other people. @icolino have fun my dude @Kyosuke12 Thanks for you hard work. I also love seeing what people will do

Yinyama posted 7 months ago

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