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Renae OC model

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Hello! today i present you a OC commisioned by Pacmaner100

also it have the renamon 2018 basis so dont spect huge changes from her :3

here are the readme

=======Renae OC model================

to Pacmaner100 and patreons of found this proyect


facepossingEye, and finger possing
Genital bonesDefault valve biped ik script support
full body morphface Morphs


Necroticus for the body base rig/mesh
SFM Model edit, desing and export © Victor Suares AKA "Warfaremachine"(

Renae is a Fursona belongs to

you are able to use this model With the condition to link the person of above and dont claim it as own

SFM Model edit, desing and export By Warfaremachine (


also if you want to support my job and get the lastests models plase cheeck my patreon page

and my DeviantArt for last news about models proyects


preview and main


2nd jojo

Lewd Noods

3rd tree ones

4th lay
Mike the wolf




wynet posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago


Yes it is bright and colorful!

tick posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

@wynet I'm just witing to see that nice big fat red text above your ugly profile picture... hmm yes

sdcmiosdimsvdimovmdovmpsd posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago


I'm noticing a trend with warfaremachine. Make a single base, then just headhack and make small adjustments and sell models. ( with patreon exclusive stuff ) The issues ive had with the renamon model are the same with th krystal model, which is the same for the fox model etc etc. I could be wrong, but if that's the case, the model making process might need to be changed a bit if the same bugs and broken features are so prevalent across nearly all the models.

NocturnalFuzz posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

@NocturnalFuzz, I've actually been able to re use the same body textures on stuff like the DAZ models or Alan13's bases, Petruz is also good for bodies but might need more work, personally if i don't like a body I just mess with the textures on others and headhack.

GrumpyDumpy posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago


@NocturnalFuzz Well that changes are able to be fixed in renamon 2019/taomon and dragoness models in some chases like the wrist bones i will try to apply procedural to automate thew rotation and taomon was discovered some issues too what need to be fixed, also this model its OLD maded in November of 2018 (check modification time in the mdl files) also too you pointed helpfully the wrist issues just later the taomon release the past month and most of the actual models are maded in mid of 2018, I cannot just updating a series of mistakes in the older models, otherwise i will spent more time trying to fix it than improving, also yes, i use daz base from here ========================================== Necroticus for the body base rig/mesh ========================================== the base its public a i just uploaded the actual base wich consist in a easier to export version it reemplaced the original DAZ bones with the Hl2 citizen one and have the old head basis from Katerine Model with all the flexes(used in Vivienne, Fox, krystal, and some others) they found there ( the rules to use it are the same as the original Necroticus post actually the head its useless and now the last models are with heads maded from scrap, the body are used for a time saver (and cheaper) to model, also too allow use the most daz flexes and too a better compatiblity with other stuff like cloths also of course theres always room for improvisation as it say in the tittle, SHARES MOST OF RENAMON 2018 FEATURES... even the bugs if you wanted fixed her you maybe should be told me when the original renamon 2018 comed out,not a month ago, taomon and renamon 2019 will be under fixes in the next month when toriel model will be under production, also the next month will release for free the shark pack and some secret head models for headhacks now you got the raw files where i start all the models what its free for everyone, from that i add and edit alot of stuff so i dont apply prices to the Necro export, i apply prices for the head build, the paint, the flexes for the face and features, cloths, extra props with it, and etc, taking in count what the pledge price of all models are under 15 usd and are 7 paywalled models and counting most of them are less of 2 usd each one well i will not fill this page with excuses, you have the discord server you are invited to discuss with the other members and give suggestions and bugs to fix in the futures releases to prevent issues, Most are happy with the daz bodies since are much way practical than the average custom builds (and specially skeletons) too i have the constants picarto streamings where i show to the people how i work (mesh job, painting, exporting and ETC) so if you have any issues with it i will happly use these complains to improve the models

warfaremachine posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Hold on did I hear, Toriel?

GrumpyDumpy posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago


Indeed.... a toriel model will be maded in April and done for May for patreons and release for free in Octuber

warfaremachine posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago


Good job as always broski.

Ceraph posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago


@NocturnalFuzz in all fairness, that's the main procedure on many artists, since it works. Lord Aardvark mostly do the same: find a base that works fine, adjust it to different characters. It's fine to follow the "don't fix what is not broken" rule. As you said, if the base has an issue, all models will have it. That's precisely why artist usually end doing 2.0 versions with a new models and future ones use that base, or just make models with new base and "deprecate" the old ones.

DevilsCry posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

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