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LordAardvark IK Rigs


A collection of IK Rigs by LordAardvark.

Contents and Usable Models according to LordAardvark:

  • Rig_Biped_Admiral_Male
    Any model in the Casual Mass-Effect Characters Pack (I believe)

  • Rig_Biped_Asari
    The Casual-Dress Asari in my Asari Megarelease pack

  • Rig_Biped_Ashley_Nude
    DxN's release of Nude Ashley, and my SFM-compatible rebuild.

  • Rig_Biped_Aurora
    The Aurora model I released in my WIP dump a while ago

  • Rig_Biped_BMS_FemaleScientist
    The female scientist models from Black Mesa Source

  • Rig_Biped_Chell
    Evil-Ash's Nude Chell and my SFM_compatible rebuild (that I'm not sure I ever released)

  • Rig_Biped_DarkMessiah
    Any character from the game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

  • Rig_Biped_FemShep_Nude
    DxN's release of Nude Femshep and my SFM-compatible recompilation (not sure I ever released that either)

  • Rig_Biped_GoOR_ME3
    Any model GoOR from Facepunch has released. Casual Liara, Miranda, Ashley, Kaidan, etc, etc.

  • Rig_Biped_James_Vegas
    The nude James Vegas released here. Note that the legs do not work. Requires a recompile of the model which I have yet to release.

  • Rig_Biped_Jill_Clothed
    The suit version of Jill Valentine.

  • Rig_Biped_Jill_Natural
    The nude version of Jill Valentine

  • Rig_Biped_Juliet
    Juliette Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw

  • Rig_Biped_KittyMaid
    Kitty Pousoix, released by Evil-Ash. Specifically, my released rebuild. Note the arms do not work. Requires a recompile of the model which I have yet to release.

  • Rig_Biped_Liara
    Urgarulga's nude Liara. Has custom IK handles for her breasts. Also my Stripper rebuild of Liara.

  • Rig_Biped_Miranda_Nude
    DxN's release of nude Miranda, and my released rebuild.

  • Rig_Biped_Nahka
    Any model built on Nahka's nude skeleton. This includes:
    Abigail the Angel
    Nude Kasumi Goto
    Nude Samantha Traynor
    Nude Diana Allers
    Petite Asari Stripper (Asari Megarelease)
    Busty Asari Stripper (Asari Megarelease)
    My Rebuild of Rebecca Chambers

  • Rig_Biped_Nude_Male
    Gnin's nude Ellis, Evil-Ash's nude Wesker, the generic nude male, nude Chris Redfield. Basically any nude male we have available to us.

  • Rig_Biped_Plasmid_Femscout
    Plasmid's nude Femscout

  • Rig_Biped_Rebecca
    The old version of Rebecca Chambers. Use Rig_Biped_Nahka for my rebuild.

  • Rig_Biped_Samantha_Traynor_Casual
    Samantha Traynor casual model

  • Rig_Biped_Sheva_Clothed
    The Sheva business attire, club attire, or normal attire.

  • Rig_Biped_Sheva_Natural
    The released nude Sheva model

  • Rig_Biped_Simple
    Default SFM script.

  • Rig_Biped_Tali
    One of the iterations of Tali from ME3 floating around. Built it for a friend, not sure which version specifically.

  • Rig_Biped_Trishka
    The Aperture-science version of Trishka. I think the old version.

  • Rig_Biped_Werewolf
    Haxxer's werewolf ported from DA2.

  • Rig_Quadriped_Dog
    Any of the dogs ported from DA2.

  • Object_Master, Object _Prop, Object_Tongue
    Failed projects. Ignore.

  • Puppeteering scripts
    See my Facepunch post on how to puppeteer here:
    Supports puppeteering Citizen animations on James Vegas, and the ME3 dance animations onto Liara or any model tha Rig_Biped_Nahka supports.

  • Rig_Spider_Monster
    The spider monster from Dark Messiah. Broken.



Whelp, this is confusing. Put all the rigs in the same folder as the rigs I already use and yet none of them are showing up in SFM.

joopitar posted 2 years, 7 months ago

@joopitar if that happens try to restart the client if that doesn't work then restart steam then it should work.

Eario5 posted 2 years, 4 months ago


where can i get the Plasmid's Nude Femscout

MysteryScienceSpycrab posted 2 years, 3 months ago

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