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SFM Apartment - Trashy/Clean - Light/Dark


A cinematic map of a tiny apartment space, built and compiled explicitly for the Source Filmmaker.

The scene includes a fully-realized living area and restroom, as well as (for authenticity) a partial hallway and partial outside. Think of the map as a film set, where only the room itself is actually built.


  • Three light settings: light, dark, and no light (for custom lighting)
  • Two theme settings: trashy, and clean
  • Two variants: with kitchen counter, without kitchen counter
  • (Total of 12 maps)
  • Completely empty of props, for maximum scenebuilding
  • Included pre-built scenes, in the sessions/Templates/ folder, for the trashy and clean (for those allergic to scene-building, like I am)
  • Materials and models separate from the maps, so they can be used outside of them if desired (also because packing them into 12 maps would have been horrifically redundant)

I had a friend test the maps and templates out, make sure everything works, but that doesn't mean it's 100% If you find any errors, please let me know! If there are map texture errors, tell me what brushes (walls, floors, ceilings; and what room). If there are model texture errors, tell me what models. If there are model errors, tell me what the animset is named.



Now i didn't have this problem before, however im now having the same issue as KrisTheDude up^ there all of a sudden. I even re downloaded the map & the steps that follow.

Solitaire38 posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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