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Zuko & Ozai (Avatar: the last Airbender)


Ozai and Zuko, taken from the Avatar game. No, not the Shyamalan one. Now this also means that they are made in a different style compared to the Azula model and that the textures are quite compressed. Still I wanna put them out there if anyone has a need for some fire family drama.


  • rig_biped_simple compatible
  • iris control via bones
  • face flexes (download v1.1!)
  • should be easily headhackable via bodygroups


Avatar the last Airbender™ Nickelodeon®®®



Update time! Some pretty important, breaking bugs cleaned out, especially in the finger, mouth, eye and jaw regions. Will very likely break existing animations, better respawn the model.

JawSFM posted 7 months ago


Please tell me that Katara and Aang is next.

SeiferXJ9 posted 7 months ago

Nice work as always, sir.

batesz posted 7 months ago


xr79: from "Into the Inferno", source here:

JawSFM posted 7 months ago

They look great! Thanks for porting 'em.

Jacovot posted 7 months ago


hisrqjfx posted 7 months ago


Is there a Iroh model in that game, If so can you please try and get him, I haven't seen any Iroh models available at all

Hillbilly_James posted 6 months, 1 week ago

can u make naruto model from boruto generation

jalalmagic1 posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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