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FOX MCCLOUD (warfaremachine)

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This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.

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Also Hello comrades!
as i mention lasytly, due the patreon Release and found program the past month with the shark release i mention this as next release so here is!
the complete Fox Mccloud model now for free!!

if you want to get the lastest models and news and support me and my current and future releases
here are my patreon

=======Fox Mccloud v2 Character from "Star Fox series" for Source Film Maker================

A badass space ace!

**Includes 5 MDL models
-FOXMcCouldwm.mdl -main model with all cloths
-FOXMcCouldwmprotesis.mdl -main model with all cloths with robotic legs
-FOXMcCouldcock.mdl -penis model for fox
-foxmccouldcasualwear.mdl -separate casual cloth model
-foxmccouldassaultwear.mdl -separate assault space suit model

Eye, and finger possingBodygroups for cloth
Bones to control tail,feet finger, neck, ear, and penisGenital bones
*Default valve biped ik script support


Necroticus for the body base rig/mesh
SFM Model edit, desing and export © Victor Suares AKA "Warfaremachine"(

FOx mccould and character belongs to Nintendo

Specials Carrer thanks to
Lukas bon (bring ideas in source)
Jennifer Cuevas (tips to modeling)
Dark Clefita (brinding a hand in the furs community)
golden Naku (my mother)
My followers/watchers in DA and Facebook (to support me)
Garry Newman (for make Garrysmod)
DAS Boshitt (for put renamon in her videos)
Aso designer (brinding new challenges)
Lordzbeacon (for giving help)
Megawolf77 (for make me furry)
Blender fundation (to develop a free awesome and ussefull program for everyone)
Pixologic (for make Zbrush)
KP-shadowskrriel (for show me Zbrush)
Zorryn (for inspire me)
Rareware to create Krystal
the developer comunity of Facepunch (and her usefulls forums)
3D coat


MrSafety Lion!
Happy Dragon!

For Support in comissions!!

Maded with

3D Coat 4.7 (awesomes textures)
Blender 2.74 (mesh teak, rigging, materials, porting)


you know what you can increase and decreace the pupil dilation?


cool model cannot figure out how to remove the clothing for the life of me though XD

alex--kitsune posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago


May the Gods bless Warfare-sama!!

SHOCKSTARBABY posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

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