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Ghost Town (L4D2)


A map originally made by CoreyFM and Juiced345. I've dug it up and ported it for use with SFM.

The map itself is fairly large with mostly empty, darkened buildings and signs of chaos and violence here and there. There's some fog and also a mysterious hovering sleeping bag on one of the walkways. Everything is intact with no texture errors or anything (that I've found anyway). The lighting is low and looks like morning or evening light to me. You'll have to add your own lights to the interiors.

The L4D2 content packs should be all you need to use this without problems. Please report any issues and I'll see what can be done about them.

Included files: c2fm_ghost_town_d.bsp



New to SFM, and wondering which L4D2 packs you mean. Looking in the SDK, it says I have L4D2, and the L4D2 DLC, but when I tried this map out a few roof's and area's where there is supposed to be grass have missing text, and the road seems to have missing textures. I thinketh I derped something O_o

TempestShadeow posted 5 months ago


In your SourceFilmmaker/Game folder there should be folders called left4dead2, left4dead2_dlc1 and left4dead2_dlc2. If those are present and you're still seeing errors do this: Make a folder in the Game directory named left4dead2_dlc3. Download the file below and put it's contents in the folder you just made. Now start SFM's SDK and click "Edit Search Paths For Selected Mod" and make sure all the l4d2 boxes are checked. Click OK and start SFM. Everything should be working now.

meegul10 posted 5 months ago


Working perfectly now, thank you for the help, and making this map.

TempestShadeow posted 5 months ago


This is great, much appreciated!

Hi_im_a_Weeaboo posted 5 months ago

Scout's about to kamehameha those zombies

lewdmon posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

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