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Militia Riflemen - Titanfall 2


"Sometimes all you need is a big pile of metal shooting fire out of it's ass"
-Barry, Rifleman

Militia riflemen in SFM, for all your semi sci fi soldier needs! Come's with facebones. If you want to animate the face, i'd recommend locking the lower lip to the jaw, because it doesn't move with it otherwise.

Helmet is bodygroupable, as is gear.


1: THIS MODEL HAS NO PBR. I don't know how to do pbr. I did what I could with phong, but I'm no material whiz.

  1. WEIRD RIGGING THAT DOESNT ALLOW IK RIG (WORKAROUND INCLUDED). This model has original rigging, which means a bone between shoulder and elbow that blocks ik chain from working, and prevents a proper ik rig. I slapped some flex tape on this issue by including "IK" models. It will show up as invisible, that's intended. To apply an IK rig, just zero out both models' root, lock the model you want to use to the IK model, and rig the IK model. And there you are, animate the IK model and the visible model should move with it!

  2. No face flexes. Only face bones.

  3. Shotgun rifleman has no eye bones. I'd recommend covering it up with goggles/glasses

Since I don't own rights to titanfall, I'm in no position to tell you not to port to gmod without permission. Feel free to.

Post any questions in comments, and let me know if you have any issues.

I don't own any rights to Titanfall 2; No copyright infringement intended.


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