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Medli [Rafaknight] (With Source)



This is the exact same model as the workshop version, but uncensored and with a flex to restore the original proportions

The original version of this model had no mouth or facial posing, now it does. I've also modified the proportions to be less ridiculous and suggestive, if you want you can easily restore it with the flex labeled "Thick".

This version on SFMLab retains all topology underneath her clothing, which is removed for the workshop version. I have not, however, added any details that weren't already present, and I don't plan to either. If you feel like you absolutely must defile an innocent little bird girl and need to provide her with additional assets for such activities, rejoice, as my source files are included just waiting to be put to misuse.

IK Rig and Control Groups file are included

Main features:

-Extensive range of facial flexes that can form nearly any expression, tongue/jaw bones
-Extensive amounts of jigglebones that react naturally to gravity
-Jiggle manipulator bones for many jigglebones to manually assist the pose without baking procedural bones
-Procedural bones set for the wrist helper to automatically twist the wrist when the hand twists
-Premade poses for the eyes and hands, phoneme presets are also included
-Switch between the Eyes and EyeRefract shader with a simple flex
-An improved version of her Rito Harp from Hyrule Warriors is included

Skin Groups:
1 - Default
2 - Dark Skin

I am obligated to inform you that if you like this model, please check out Rafa's other stuff, you can follow her on her tumblr blog for updates, and she offers exclusive artwork and model downloads for her patreon supporters. If you use this model in your work or reupload it please credit Rafa and link to her blog/patreon






Hey I'm brand fucken new to sfm. I'm looking everything up at this point, but I can't figure out how the source file works into the rest of sfm. If you could throw a few pointers my way that'd be great.

Agastonier posted 5 months ago


@Agastonier The source files are just so people can edit the base model in Blender or other modeling programs, not for SFM in particular. It's for when you want to make a change to the model, like add flexes and such, if you knew how

ClockworkCorpse posted 5 months ago


Ahhhhhh. Thanks man. It was just a file sitting there and I didn't know what it did.

Agastonier posted 5 months ago


Could you make or upload a model for Jill Stingray from VA-11 Hall-A, if it's not too much trouble?

kydenrylen posted 5 months ago


aww man looks awesome now all I need a a high quality tetra and I am set

Bconroy328 posted 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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