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Jane Full rework

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Jane has been updated now althou there may be a few small issues I can try to get them fixed

model created by Dragonarica :

Material fixes by :

Skin variations by :

so whats NEW

• Breast and butt is Adjustable
• Now has Phongboost and AO
• Barely any clipping

(fixes that hopefully will be addressed soon)

• Blenderimplict causes well stretching to occur with trench coat and any clothes primarily near the waist best way to fix is to lock blenderimplict to pelvis

clothes do not resize when breast are enlarged same applies to butt

certain skins have this odd thing on the back of the neck making it look as if its one whole texture (I AM DESPERATELY making attempts at fixing this iusse



@AngryPocketPyro Jeez someone has a hate boner for me

Cyro posted 8 months ago

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