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Dissidia NT Tifa


First Time porting a model and couldn' wait for Tifa so here she is. Probably got a few problems but still learning. Hope you all enjoy! follow on twitter if you like sfm porn and memes



Thank you!

Der_Skeleton posted 1 week ago

@Blackbolt913 try with the big "Upload" button in the top right corner :,D

JoeJoe posted 1 week ago


Holy mother of god

sfmpov posted 1 week ago

Awesome! I only hope she won't have a nsfw model. Totally against that. I mean just look at her how could you possibly want to lewd her.

dijitz posted 1 week ago


Lady fazbear 2 posted 1 week ago

This is a great model dude. Any chance you might port more characters from Dissidia?

TheRyanSpark posted 1 week ago

Is there a rig that works with her?

kirito2211 posted 1 week ago


@dijitz How can you not want a lewd version of her after what KoeiTecmo did to her panty shots? Like there's literally nothing there which is stupid as hell.

espada9000 posted 1 week ago

lemme guess, nude version on patreon?

TheOtherOlive posted 1 week ago


Waiting for the nsfw now

Amigosinvisibles posted 1 week ago

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