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Kroq-Gar & Grymloq (Total War: Warhammer 2)


Kroq-Gar, the last defender of Xhotl, and his mount, Grymloq. Together they have slain countless daemons of Chaos, stomped legions of filthy Skaven into the dust. Now these ancient warriors make their way to SFM, ready to weed out any signs of corruption. For the Old Ones! For the great plan!

\models\JawSFM\Total War Warhammer 2\Lizardmen\Kroq-Gar.mdl
\models\JawSFM\Total War Warhammer 2\Lizardmen\Grymloq.mdl


  • rig_biped_simple compatible
  • alternate skins to quickly switch off glow-arm and envmap
  • eyeposing via bones, added tongue bones
  • bodygrouped armor


  • Sega/Games Workshop/Creative Assembly
  • Port: JawSFM

Goddamn, TWH2 has some amazing models.


jaw holy fuck how did you rip these

twitchy2 posted 2 weeks ago

Hola skeeeeenks

RedMoa posted 2 weeks ago


Morathi next p l e a s e

makar55 posted 2 weeks ago

TWH2 models are finally being ported? Fuck yes!

dipstiq posted 2 weeks ago

*Will suck dick for Warhammer models in SFM* Here, I said it! GJ!

BaronR posted 2 weeks ago


Kinda feel like making a Slaanesh joke, but from what I remember they replaced him/her/it with the great horned rat. Good model anyway!

dong_jovi posted 2 weeks ago

Tthis are Amazing! Any chance you will do the Skaven?

Armoredanimator posted 2 weeks ago


If extraction goes well, Saurus will be next, then Kroxigor & Skeeenkss. Skaven... mmm not sure. Kinda dislike them vermin. Maybe as a commission or something. @BaronR I'll take you up on that offer (no homo)

JawSFM posted 1 week, 6 days ago


any chance of vampire ladies?

safemode posted 1 week, 6 days ago


It's a small thing, but any chance you could patch up the hole under Kroq-Gar's chin? Great port regardless.

BuddyBoi posted 1 week, 6 days ago

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