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WOW Stormwind city


Well,it was made for a project of WOW but now scrapped。
I guess it's from the old version of WOW
Now I'm focusing on converting OW map to SFM
Convert by wyArclight

map original by Blizzard Entertainment
you can use it as you want,but I will be happy if you credit me and send a link using this model.

If you want more scenebuild port:



thank you so much for this how big is it?

Heavyheart posted 2 months ago


oranger posted 2 months ago

wy1998623's quiet big,but not so detailed(For it's from old version) also water and terrain not included

wy1998623 posted 2 months ago


It's a huge work,thx.

dergilvante posted 2 months ago


very cool. What's water01_mb and terrain_forest? I seem to be missing those. Get the "error" model

dominator9521 posted 2 months ago

someone make a decent succubus please

TheOtherOlive posted 2 months ago


is the entire city??? all of it??? mate i fucking LOVE YOU!

SumerianDragon posted 2 months ago


This is god-tier. Thank you so much!

Dreamhawk posted 2 months ago

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