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Cattus [Fortnite]


Had to upload it here because SFM Workshop has limited upload.
He has PBR Materials, using 4K Textures, and have all animations included.
I'm on the Monster Team. #MonsterTeam


Original model - Forntnite
Posters made by Gamir-GTA, Lewd Noodz, and Ryden_Dire
Ported by MasterMRL
PBR Materials - BlueFlytrap

Fortnite\Cattus PBR\cattus pbr.mdl
Fortnite\Cattus Castle PBR\cattus castle pbr.mdl



How do you move this into source film maker?

PopTheCarnoYT posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago


@PopTheCarnoYT move the material and model folders into the source filmmaker's usermod folder. Both the textures and model should appear in source filmmaker.

jackedup101 posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

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