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Elora the Faun (Spyro Reignited)


I am you faun a dork - Elora having a stroke

Update 1.1: Added facial flexes and alternate skin group for shinyness-control

Despite removable fur tuft does not contain any adult features yet.

\models\JawSFM\Spyro Reignited\NPC\Elora.mdl
\models\JawSFM\Spyro Reignited\NPC\Elora_withanimsequences.mdl


  • rig_biped_simple compatible
  • eyeposing via viewtarget
  • Bodygrouped lower fur
  • 2 skin groups
  • Animation preview


  • Toys For Bob, Iron Galaxy, Insomniac Games (Developers) / Fucking Activision® (Publisher)
  • Extract/Port: JawSFM



Well i would like to learn your way later knock in your discord pm ^^

Minitiv posted 2 months ago

>Hey, does anyone know what happened to MMallow? His last post on twitter was 31 july, I guess he's active on patreon. And it seems that he removed all his models from here.

anonov posted 2 months ago

hello do you have a model of bianca?

nez987 posted 2 months ago


Blessed your awesome skills dear sir!

Der_Skeleton posted 2 months ago

Well Anonov mmellow kind of got pathetically desperate... SOooo they locked it all up instead of a half and half deal.

soriozorio posted 2 months ago



Ladiesman727 posted 2 months ago

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