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EarthChan V2

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Earthchan V2, now with a brand new, not terrible body.

--Whats New?--

Earthchan v2 features a new body, which I chose due to it being less... bizarre to look at. for some reason, on the TDA miku body by Devilscry, which I used on the previous version, the breasts where... weird... So, I decided to go to the source and Use a fresh body to fix this. Now, the Body Is still based on the TDA style, which I understand many dont like. However, due to wishing to have outfit cross-compatibility between all anime-style models, I chose to stick with it.

Beyond that, Earthchan features a number of new Body flexes, as well as re-worked outfits and a new second hair-style. the hoodie on the weeaboo skin also now has a flex to allow the hood to be raised and lowered. The alternate masks on the uniform outfit VTF's have also been changed to look... less awful.


-Includes 7 Outfits (Casual, Christmas, Weeaboo, Uniform Pyjammers, Maid and swimsuit), all with Included OL2 files for Lord Aardvarks Outfit loader (
-Includes 2 Hairstyles (Her original Messy and A second Ponytail)
-Earthchan herself has 2 skins, with the Maid Outfit Having 5 skins, the swimsuit having 10 and the Uniform Having 3 skins for the mask.

--Known Issues--

-I never fixed the hair clipping on the Pyjammers. Sorry.
-Also when bent too far Earthchans elbows clip through the Pyjammers

--Further Info--

I Am just putting the finishing touches on HHchan V2 Right now, As well as starting Work On a third Anime "Meme-Chan", So Expect them soon-ish. also gonna start work on that new bloodborne custom body soon.


works on gmod

felypefrota posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

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