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Hello everyone, this is my first export to SFM.
The model lacks many features because I am a beginner.
missing features:
It does not have flexible eyes.
The texture is basic.
It has no teeth.
It has no flexibility in (breasts, intimate parts, facial expressions).
[Due to my little experience, I had to reduce the geometry of the original model too much by a random topology, which implies that some vertices can be highlighted]
The model is compatible with GMOD.
the help they can give to this rookie is coming


Hope you make a rig for it or compatible with an existing one. Also, there is a seam under the left breast. Pretty good if it's your first model though.

JoeJoe posted 21 hours ago


Do you plan to share the model of the horse anthro girl too? :o

Radec1634 posted 17 hours ago


the gmod version is like posing as a statue

killkil21 posted 11 hours ago


and not even a ragdoll and just T posing like a statue what???

killkil21 posted 11 hours ago

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