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First of all this is not my model. I only made the custom skins. I decided to release the skins with the model because I suck at searching and I couldn't find the original post made in DE. So if the owner of the model want this release to be taken down please do so, but inform me so I can re up with skins only.

Now the skins themselves are nothing special just some random textures I mixed up because I was making a scene with Miranda and saw that the bikini only have a few skins, they're actually just colors. If you don't like them then don't download, I made this specifically for my use. Just thought one or two blokes might find it useful or might be in the same situation as I whom wants a quick bikini fix. That's it. Enjoy.

Textures include: Cerberus White and Black, Spongebob, Sesame Street, Playboy and other various patterns. Total of 17 textures out of 20. I didn't touch the first few colors.

Bra and Panty Model by DemIsaK

Textures 4-20 by w3ndy


The file seems to be broken, takes a split second to DL but opens with an error....

Briffault posted 4 years, 6 months ago


I checked, nothing wrong with the file. It's 12+MB so shouldn't be a split second download. Seomthing wrong on your end perhaps.

w3ndy posted 4 years, 6 months ago


Which Miranda-Model did you use for those pictures?

T333 posted 3 years, 1 month ago


@T333 I think that's the old jiggly Miranda version with CBBE body by Aardvark I think. Better tits IMHO but lacks the new thingamajigs especially the HD pussy of the latest version.

w3ndy posted 3 years ago


A word of advice for you if you've just downloaded this: When you go to search for this in you "New Model" type in clothes NOT bikini otherwise the bikini will NOT show up and you'll end up getting infuriated.

biancaboo1 posted 1 month, 4 weeks ago

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