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Yorha 2B SC6 Release


The 2b model from Soulcalibur VI.

No nude version as of right now, and I've kinda given up on trying to make one myself.
The main reason why I ported this model is because her thigh highs actually pinch her thighs (as shown in the pictures above) and the reason why I uploaded it here was because maybe someone who is more adept than me at making edits to models would be able to make some 'adjustments' to this one whilst keeping the thigh pinch (of course by adjustments I mean make an NSFW version).

-2P colour
-Removable skirt
-Own rig, rig_biped_2blue



@AgentFox 'the SC6 2b model is much better than the Nier one.' I half disagree. Sure whatever shared textures it has aren't using compression from 1997 but the rest was jury rigged to the shared soul caliber basemodel. Said basemodel has significantly worse topology and rigging than the original 2B. There isn't a good reason to use it.

BlueFlytrap posted 4 months ago


Sorry to say but this looks less feminine than the Nier one. Jokes on you for saying this is better than the original.

Alvare posted 4 months ago


than keep usin that one lol, i personally wanted this version of 2B, so thank you for uploadin it

kyo posted 4 months ago

Great job bro, I was waiting for 2p model so thanks.

gamer956 posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

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