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Rwby: Saphron & Terra Cotta-Arc NSFW

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


The cute couple are here!

These models was made by SpecialCrazyWolf

Sorry I took so long to do this. My job get a lot heavier this time of year.

I switch the body base and changed some of the proportions.

Both models come with a bra and panties as bodygroups.

Ik rig for both is rig_rwby_Saphron and Terra.py

Special thanks to Nyahs_smut for testing out the model and doing a preview pic.

I got a Patreon if you want to send some support, see wips or vote on which model I'll do next.

Have fun~



Who’s that adorable boy next to them? Is there’s a nude model of him ?! Please!

Der_Skeleton posted 2 months, 1 week ago


That's Juane Arc, Der_Skeleton.

B-Master2018 posted 2 months ago


trereretdgds posted 2 months ago

i wish i had your skill! i cant do that shit at all! :c

CloudyFreddyFazbear3 posted 2 months ago

@B-Master2018 I didn't see the preview images, and when I read "adorable boy" my mind thought Adrian. I am glad that was not the case. XD

NightEagle78 posted 2 months ago


Can't wait to pair these two with as much male characters as possible because I won't allow them to be lesbians!!!

Daviddv0601 posted 2 months ago


awesome,i dont know who are this girls,but awesome,maybe that i dont remember who are this girls :thinking: i hope that any want that you do Coco adel nude,Coco is my favorite girl with Cang and Blake,anyways i dont know if we have a model of Coco Adel sfw for do this model nude.

cristiany posted 2 months ago

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