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Vindictus Map Pack


13 maps ported over from Garry's Mod Workshop.
There are more out there, but these are the ones that have HDR and working textures.

These are pieces of a desert ruin level that are perfect for some tomb exploring and fantasy stuff too.


Wow!! This is a huge work piece. Good job man If time allows, would you also mind making models of monsters such as Keaghan or dragon stuffs? Thank you so much!!

dhstar914 posted 5 years ago


Testing the enemy & player models currently. The ones that work will be released in a pack once they're confirmed.

LurkerDa1 posted 5 years ago



MrPotatoHead posted 5 years ago

This should make for some interesting things. Now we just need the player models from the game. Certainly was one of my favorite Steam games :)

KinkyKitty posted 5 years ago

That's nice! Cheer up man. I will look forward to seeing those great works!

dhstar914 posted 5 years ago


Awesome work. Really excited for the Vindictus enemy models !

SFMUSER posted 5 years ago


Awesome stuff! :D

BradmanX posted 5 years ago


Excellent! This looks most promising!

Urbanator posted 5 years ago


Holy shit. This is just superb. This brings back memories. I can't wait to play with 'em!

NeuroticNeb posted 5 years ago


Wow, thanks for the share! I had seen these on the GMod Workshop but am not great with the program.

deathhand posted 5 years ago

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