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Halo 4 Armor Sets Part 1


Here it is, something that's surely been long-awaited.


  • male01.mdl - contains the Engineer, Operator, Pathfinder and Wetwork armor sets.
  • male02.mdl - This contains the Rogue, Pioneer, Stalker and Tracker armor sets.
  • Both models contain the Over-Locking, Outer-Plated, XG-89 Narrow and Contoured leg armor as well as the GV-09 Locking, Twin-Plated, Inner-Plated and Contoured forearm armor
  • Colorable!

Special thanks to Dissolution, HaloFollower, and XEN0KID for helping me with suggestions, directions, and answers!


  • Halo4\Spartans\spec\male01.mdl
  • Halo4\Spartans\spec\male02.mdl
  • rig_biped_h4_spartan



Which color script should I use to color the armors?

HaloFanMX posted 2 years, 5 months ago

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