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I am so glad to upload a succssful model by myself!! I had so much time difficulty working on custom models

Anyway, the model that I'm going to upload is marionette monster from Vindictus game, who is a servant of Succubus. (I will also work on the Succubus in the near future)

There ARE many awkward points in terms of bones, face flexes and etc. I do not have idea how to resolve them even though you guys mention. However, I will try my best to fix them based on you guys' friendly solutions, if given.

ps) If there is any problem with model, feel free to comment on this thread. However, I cannot fix it ASAP since I'm in charge of military service in my hometown. Sorry for that.

ps2) To Rayko: Thanks for helpful comments on my model. I almost forgot to re-scale its model, and I understand that my model might be huge huge tiny that it can barely be seen. I temporarily set this as an incomplete. I will fix this in the future.
Saying that, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MODEL until I fix it. This model is totally worthless to be released to public nor used in SFM.



What scale do you all recommend for her?

Leetgrain posted 3 years, 3 months ago

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