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Succubus Nude + Bodygrouped

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.



First off, I uploaded what works on my system. If you disagree with that, go ahead and upload your version of this, then I will gladly delete this item and save myself the trouble. as long as that is not happening, keep the materials where they are, not matter if useless or not, cuz I don't think texture fuiles take that much space on your hard disk.

Soulslayerzx made these, I only uploaded it cuz even nearly a year after DE was shut down there was no upload for this. No need to credit me for anything here, but if there is anyone who can fix some issues in this upload, that'd be great.

The Succubus is seperated into clothed and nude and the nude one is smaller for some reason.

-Both versions are packed with jigglebones for breasts, ass, hair and the clothed one got some extra for some of her clothes.

-both have bodygruops for cap and mask, be careful with her jaw, though. Her mouth is empty, so you would see through a hole in both models.

-you have some basic face flexes and there is eye posing, but I swear it can sometimes be impossible to do so. Maybe its only a problem for me.

-the nude model is pretty low-polygon, so most sexy suff still looks kinda blocky.

-for the clothed model, you need to make her necktie invisible, since she will be spawned with all clothes visible and it would clip through her clothes.

-sadly, her Scythe from the game was not ported with her, so that will be missing until someone does port it :/

-the eyes for the nude model are either missing or always turned the wrong way

-the nude model got some bodygroups for bikinis, but you need the nude lara croft model to get the textures:

Things I would fix if I could (but I can't):

-the eyes of the nude model

-body of the nude model, she is way too small and missing some spines and it makes her look like a midget at times

-please someone port her scythe....



The model from digitalero is gone, the link is no longer working. For those of you who are trying to use the bodygrouped model and are having trouble with her eyes, this is how you fix it : once u have the zip extracted, go into materials > models > monster > succubus. First, find a pupil_ambient.vtf from any other model u poses and copy/paste it into that folder ( this vtf was missing when i downloaded the model from here). Then you have to go into eyeball_l.vmt and eyeball_r.vmt ( you need a program called VTFEdit to open and edit them). The "$iris" and "$AmbientOcclTexture" will have different paths from what they need, so once u've copied the pupil_ambient.vtf from another model into that folder, this is what the paths should look like for both the left and right eyeball

TheStiLLa posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago


No nude model?

Spectre/Music posted 3 months, 1 week ago

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