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Mass Effect Dance Animations (For Puppeting)


Click here for YouTube video of dance animation

Puppet Scripts:

- Curvy Elizabeth (rig biped elizabeth curvy nohair)
- GoOR's ME3 (rig biped masseffect)

Various models under "theman/" with ME dance animations


Dance animations - Bioware

Original porting of animations to Source - TheMan (?)

Puppeteer scripts - LordAardvark


Click here for video explaining how to puppet.

How to use:

1.) Spawn the model you want to puppet animations onto. This model shall be referred to as the PUPPET.

2.) Spawn the model whose animations you want to puppet from. This model shall be referred to as the HOST.

3.) Copy the Transform samples of the PUPPET and paste them onto the HOST.

4.) Apply scale transforms to the Transform of the HOST such that they are roughly the same scale as the PUPPET. Matching shoulders is generally a good indicator.

5.) WITHOUT APPLYING AN IK RIG, Pose the PUPPET to fit the HOST as closely as possible.

6.) Once done posing, rename the HOST to have the same EXACT name as the PUPPET, but with "Host" at the end.


PUPPET: Elizabeth_Curvy1
HOST: aria1


PUPPET: Elizabeth_Curvy1
HOST: Elizabeth_Curvy1Host

7.) Right-click the PUPPET and apply the appropriate puppeteer script.

8.) Hide the HOST in SFM

9.) Right-click the HOST, Import Sequence. Play the animation you wish to puppet.

10.) Congratulations you've successfully puppeted an animation.


that dance tho

CloudyFreddyFazbear3 posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago


Perezaley video explaining how to do it.

Galilal posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

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