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CSS Knife Pack


A simple pack of hexed knife skins from Counter-Strike Source. They're freely available for download and easy to get working with minimal knowledge. Note that these are from Counter-Strike Source and thus might not totally work with the newer Source features.

I did not make any of these knives. All I did was hex them with minimal folder structure changes to save others the pain of doing so. All proper credits are included within the readme file in the main folder.

Done with Hexedit and notepad. A few of these knives have multiple skins; I hexed each skin as its own separate model. Might be a bit bloated, but fits better for my purposes that way.

To Install -- extract the archive to the SourceFilmmaker/Game/usermod folder.

List of the knives within this pack - 25 (35 if counting skins) total
Alabama Slammer;;
Armik Warblade;;
"Asian Sword" (I know it bugged me too);;
B.A.K. Knife;;
Battlefield 2142 Knife;;
Black Steel Nautilus;;
Buck Intrepid 187T;;
Butterfly Knives (8 skins);;
Carved Obsidian Knife;;
Coldsteel SRK Knife;;
Colt Commander Jungle Knife;;
Extrema Ratio Harpoon F;;
Glock Fieldmesser 78;;
Kampfmesser 2000;;
Heckler and Koch Kitchen Knife;;
Lockblade Knife (2 skins);;
Modern Warfare 2 Knife;;
NextGen Mark 2.1;;
Rambo Knife;;
Stoke Buck Special (4 skins).

Don't be hesitant to contact me with issues about the hexing, especially if any of those pesky .vvd errors pop up.

These do not need CSS mounted to work, in case you were curious.



That's a lot of knives, good work.

ComradeXSnarky posted 4 years, 2 months ago

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