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Desire Demon (Dragon Age:Origins)


It's original model of Desire Demon from game Dragon Age:Origins (created by BioWare).Model has original textures,45 sequences,glowing elements,phong materials,workable eyes,face bones and jigglebones.

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Neat. Are you making a nude version?

kingrocket posted 4 years ago


> Neat. Are you making a nude version? As if she had much clothing on. :D

Rayko posted 4 years ago


Why are you asking for a nude version when there's basically already one uploaded like half a year ago?

Gwamp posted 4 years ago

MikeyMack has a nude version

MichaelSP posted 4 years ago

Durr, forgot about that one... Wait, why is this here then?

kingrocket posted 4 years ago


This is here because it has some features the other doesn't have. Mainly, glowy parts.

Gwamp posted 4 years ago


The main feature of this model is that it has 45 animations.

YserLame posted 4 years ago

I got missing textures......y?

themastergamer121 posted 3 years, 1 month ago

Basic can I make the model move forward rather than walking on the spot using the walk sequence provided? I have tried all three option of generating the root motion but no luck...

parttimegamer15 posted 2 years, 9 months ago

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