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Queen Nualia (Fallen Throne) [v1.2]

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Alternate release picture

2160p version of main picture

2160p version of alternate picture

After holding an unpopular but not unjust rule over the Empire of Vael'Aser (lit. "Empire of Shadowed Eyes") for a cool three hundred years, Queen Nualia was accused of crimes against Vael'Aser and subverting the Kalas Sueda (lit. "Pure Watchers", supreme deities of Elvish faith). Her prosecution was spearheaded by the Usurper Mujeri, who convinced the Elvish Aristocracy to exile Queen Nualia and assert herself to the throne in Nualia's place. Cast into a cold, cruel world, the meek noble that was Queen Nualia was transformed into a powerful seductress and, when necessary, ruthless warrior. Throughout the many crucibles of her journey, a single motivation has driven her: to regain her throne and execute retribution upon Mujeri and all of the aristocracy who betrayed her. Queen Nualia uses her wits, her strength, and her body to manipulate, extort, and control anyone and anything that is in her way or could in some way help her on her quest. Her obsession with regaining her Kalas-given right as Queen of Vael'Aseer is equal only to her insatiable sexual hunger and her addiction to exerting her power by imploring others to dominate her sexually. The Empire is a reflection of its queen: Vael'Aser under her old rule was content if not stagnant; Vael'Aser under her new rule would be the most powerful nation in the world, inviting to all willing to accept it and ruthless against those who threaten it. Now she just needs to dethrone the Usurper Mujeri and reclaim her rightful place atop the Vael'Kalas (lit. "Shadow Watcher", the throne of the Empire).


  • Fully jiggleboned hair, jewelry, breasts, and ass
  • Full faceposing (if you have Curvy Elizabeth's animationset text-file installed, flexes are sorted into categories)
  • Full phoneme support
  • Full facebones (not sorted into categories, but in the Unknown tab)
  • Advanced IK rig
  • Full eye-posing, finger-posing, toe-posing
  • Bodygrouped outfit, in various pieces
  • Belly inflation flexes

Download contents:

  • Nualia - The normal model for Nualia
  • Nualia exaggerated - Nualia with her jigglebones exaggerated
  • Top flexed - Nualia's braless top with support for throat-bulge and belly-inflate flexes (flexes must be set or copy-pasted on outfit)
  • Top full flexed - Nualia's full top, same support
  • Panties flexed - Nualia's panties with support for belly-inflate flexes
  • Banner long - Banner bearing the sigil of Vael'Aser. Modified banner from Blade Symphony.
  • Throne Magi - The Vael'Kalas, throne of the empire. Ported from Dragon Age Inquisition, with two skins: the original texture, and the recolored Vael'Kalas texture.

Queen Nualia is a character designed by the user who uses the name "Rojax" on, who I have adapted into a long-standing high-fantasy universe I have been slowly developing (and the Dark Elves, released about a year ago, were originally made for). This universe has been officially titled "Fallen Throne", and I have a handful of projects slowly underway within the Fallen Throne universe.

She is developed on the new Dark Elf body I am currently putting together, which is itself derived from Bodymorph Elizabeth. As a result of that, she has all of the mesh and rigging improvements of the Curvy models, as well as the comprehensive flex and face-bone set and advanced IK rig.

However, being a unique character, she is not fully bodymorphed. None of the unique characters will be. The generic Bodymorph Dark Elves will be released at a later date. Caldreth and Mujeri are the next to be built, and after them, the rest of the Dark Elves will be built and released.

I have various comics and video projects set in the Fallen Throne universe in mind and in play, and they will hopefully start surfacing in the coming weeks.

As always, please feel free to do whatever you wish with Nualia. Just because I have written a story and set character for her, does not mean anyone is restricted to that mythos. That being said, I would like to sit down and write up some formal documentation on the Fallen Throne universe - the history of the universe, the events leading up to the deposition of Queen Nualia (where is where my primary story in the universe begins), as well as spoilers for the works I have planned that describe the details that happen after the deposition. If anyone is interested in creating content within the Fallen Throne universe, these will be freely available once I have them made.

I hope you all enjoy using her as much as I have enjoyed drafting her, building her, and writing her story.



Crack open her VMTs and change the $color2 line. You can download my **[Dark Elves Iteration 2 from my Tumblr](** and copy-paste the mocha / tan $color2 lines, if you want.

LordAardvark posted 3 years, 2 months ago


would it be possible to make a bra version?

Eyman posted 3 years ago

hi, how to find an animation or import sequence for it? beautiful model

Purpla posted 2 years, 12 months ago


how do I take off the clothes?

Radizh posted 2 years, 10 months ago

Radizh, have you figured it out yet? Right click on elf_nualia1 and scroll down the drop down list until you find "set body groups" now you can toggle the clothes and turn them on or off

zenx posted 2 years, 2 months ago

what do i need so i can see the model and would it work correctly in garrys mod if i have it?

joshmeows posted 2 years, 1 month ago

Commander Shepard

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite model on SFMLab.

Commander Shepard posted 5 months ago

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