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The dick seems to be attached a bit too high.

jovial pneumatic rose posted 1 year, 8 months ago to Generic Males 2018 - Beta 2

Is the micro-seam fix supposed to work with the rig?

Ok the issue in my case was resolved by adding "decay 0" to the flexes and recompiling the model.

There's something wrong with the "jaw_drop" flex in this model where it takes a small amount of time for the jaw to get in the correct position when the playhead is moved from before time 0 to after time 0. This seems to cause an exported movie to not have the correct jaw position for some reason. The more recent Tina model does not appear to have this problem.

A seam appears in the top half of the shaft when the foreskin is turned on.

Ok the rig works if I apply it right after I load the model. How tall is this Tina model? She seems to be the same height as the Rebecca Chambers model, and Rebecca is supposed to be 5'3", while Tina should be 5'8".

Does this work if we scaled some of the body parts? For example I made the boobs bigger and when I put on an outfit the boobs clip through the clothes.

Thanks, don't know how I missed the hair model.

Where can we find her hair model?

When I attach the "rig_biped_daz_v3" rig her limbs disappear for me. I applied a scale to her root transform so I don't know if that could be causing the problem.