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You folks do know that extracting MP3 files is easier than making an entire model with applications, importing, and making sure they're compatible with SFM right?

Damn she's a pretty woman. That might've been obvious when people are now painting her naked but still.

Thank you for that @thatguyaves. I wouldn't notice the reference if you didn't.

Warden Yarn posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago to Simple Rooftop

A question if I may: Why does the last version have Elizabeth in a vault suit but not this one?

I ponder why would someone not want this.

@NeuForm I doubt it, I'm not a SFM genius but I think that rig is only applied to hats and such. Try going to the texture themselves and repainting it.

Warden Yarn posted 2 years ago to Barbell's Cum Tech

Just checked and found out I was just being an idiot whoops. All is fine. Watch as the days go by.

Warden Yarn posted 2 years ago to Generic Nude Male v1.1

I seem to have an invisible model instead, I think it's a problem on my end only but just checking if anyone has the same problem or has a fix.

Warden Yarn posted 2 years ago to Generic Nude Male v1.1