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Man, wat are you doing? I cum!!!!!!!! You greatly creator!

Serjando posted 4 days, 6 hours ago to Violet Parr (Incredibles)

Nice pussy textures (not realy), and butt... dislike. bad created model.

Serjando posted 1 week, 5 days ago to Scarlett Rhodes (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4)

We seriously? I expected anything, but definitely not this.

Serjando posted 1 week, 6 days ago to uWotinFokM8's Enderwoman

nipples fixed, i cum, beautiful work!

Serjando posted 3 weeks ago to Nude Femscout

Nice, but have 1 critical problem - not enought nipples! Add nipples and model maked good!

Serjando posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago to Nude Femscout

I already tested. cool, but there are a lot of problems... 1) Head not originally on the body, does not arise normally, it is necessary to put manually. 2) the legs are bigger than the model itself, need the function of reducing the ass and the back of the legs. 3) it would be nice to have clothes expanded along with body parts. 4) IT WOULD be NICE if you could change the size of the feet, from cartoon to normal human. 5) the most important thing is the legs, I would like to have settings for a more athletic body... And so a remarkable model! I'm waiting for the model, thank you.

Serjando posted 4 weeks ago to Helen Parr (Incredibles)

Я уже затестировал. классно, но есть рад проблем... 1) Голова изначально не на теле, не встаёт нормально, приходится ставить вручную. 2) ноги больше самой модели, нужна функция уменьшения задницы и задней части ног. 3) было бы неплохо чтобы одежда расширялась вместе с частями тела. 4) БЫЛО БЫ НЕПЛОХО если бы можно было менять размер ступни, от мультяшного до нормального, человеческого. 5) самое главное ноги, хотелось бы иметь настройки для более спортивного тела... А так замечательная модель! P.S жду модельку Виолетты, спасибо.

Serjando posted 4 weeks ago to Helen Parr (Incredibles)

He hee boiiii ;)

Serjando posted 4 weeks ago to Helen Parr (Incredibles)

2019 year... nice textures, yea. (look Max 2018 and look this)

Klick!.. Nice ;)

Serjando posted 1 month ago to Wo!262's Muffet