[Fortnite] Guided Missile Launcher Weapon Models

[Fortnite] P90 Sub Machine Gun Model

[Fortnite] Ragnarok Pickaxe Harvesting Tool Model

[Fortnite] Sub Machine Gun Model (No Suppressor)

[Fortnite] Suppessed Sub Machine Gun Model

[Fortnite] Dual Pistol Gun Model

[Fortnite] Vigilante Pistol Gun Model

[Fortnite] Pyterodactyl Glider Model

[Fortnite] Tactical Shotgun Weapon Model

[Fortnite] Onslaught Pickaxe Model

[Fortnite] Revolver Pistol Gun Model

[Fortnite] Drum Gun Assault RIfle Gun Model

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Could you attempt to port the drift skin and if possible, to do it with max upgrade

IMakeRenders posted 12 months ago to [FORTNITE] Squad Leader


snoke when you can learn to port models like I do, then this will be a valid argument but until then stfu


Rucdose I will attempt it 100%


Artuurs I understand your point but since I was not there in time to see that he/she was posting them I can not actually do or say anything about it. Now if they blatantly took my screenshots from the previews and deemed it as there own, then that would be stealing due to the fact that the screenshots were used without permission. Thank You, IMakeRenders


Hi, I upload models on here too such as the weapon models and you may have already seen some but I was wondering if you could help me out with the texturing process because it does not seem to be working when i view it in the model viewer. Thank you.


Launchpad would not load and I could definitely upload the AC/DC pickaxe! Awesome suggestion!


I am doing my best to find them but no luck so far. I will get them out ASAP I promise!


i will attempt to do it! thank you for the suggestion


no one is telling you to download these models. If you don't know how to resize a basic model in sfm then read the description and stop being lazy on your part because I did you the favor of at the very least just porting the model


gliders are the easiest to port so i will upload that along with a tactical shotgun model ;)