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hi again buddy. i don't want to bother you with asking a lot of question. sorry for that. you are awesome and you are helping me a lot thanks for that. :) i didn't find school and i am okay with that. actually now when i am thinking about making animation about this game, thanks to one of my friend. i see the models are poor of quality. so i wonder can i download this pack and related packs. and than change texture and make better models? or maybe is better to make my own characters from scratch? \n thanks buddy. :>

pornoturbo posted 18 hours ago to Bully pack

Thanks buddy for replay. What about map? And after you complete this pack. And I did a lot of exercise with sfm. Can I make my own 3D animation about this game using sfm and this pack?(anything else do I need?) Until you finish this pack. I try my best to learn sfm. And contact some of my old friends to review my scrip and make it better. Thanks again buddy.

pornoturbo posted 3 days, 3 hours ago to Bully pack

Hello. first thanks for pack. in far far time ago, i was playing this game. and after playing this game. i thought about making a movie about it.(be cause it's was similar to my life, (of course i wasn't the bully one. :D) ) but i didn't. unfortunately i hadn't the items like: camera, school, shirts, money, actors and... (nothing at all :D) now i have the script for movie. i wonder can i install the SFM and learn it and do a lot of exercise. and download this pack. and make my movie.(3D animation.) this pack contain places? this pack contain all character(gangs)? this pack has a good quality of items?

pornoturbo posted 3 days, 17 hours ago to Bully pack