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@deepfriedwalrus1 It's a little complicated. First you have to get the files out of the game using some special tool for it then you have to find a blender script floating around the place to import them. After that you just need to follow a guide on how to get blender things into the source engine and screw with the textures until they look right. I will warn you however that anything that isn't a named character or a regiment of renown will not have any colors assigned to them so a lot of the empire models will just be white where other colors are supposed to be. I do not think there is a way to make it automatically colorable so you'd have to do a lot of work editing the texture itself.

Arkelis posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago to Skin Wolves

@BaronR I want them too but sadly like I said I've had problems porting them over and am probably doing to stick with the first game for now.

Arkelis posted 4 weeks ago to Skin Wolves

@makar55 I haven't exactly had the best of luck with porting from the second game, sorry. @JawSFM For me that option is under the menu when you right click an empty area on the menu but thank you for letting me know about it.

Arkelis posted 1 month ago to Skin Wolves

Anything specific Orcs in mind? I got some other stuff planned already but I can see what I can do. No promises though since some of this stuff is a bit difficult to work with.

Arkelis posted 1 month ago to Skin Wolves