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What map did you use for the first picture? or was it just photoshop magic? Amazing model btw! Insta-download Thanks :)

MY GOD I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU. Will definitely let you know if there is any issue as I use the model. thanks a bunch :D I've been meaning to get into porting wow models, but I really don't know how to. I have only ported league of legends models to sfm. last i checked the extracting tool for wow models hadn't been yet updated to warlords :S

GoldenLurker posted 4 years, 8 months ago to World of Warcraft - Female Blood Elf

Sorry for the delayed response, but thanks for the help. It worked :)

GoldenLurker posted 5 years ago to Thessia Space Skybox

forgive me for being a massive idiot. But how do I get it to show properly? I used blackvoid and then typed sv_skyname space into the console, and nothing happened. Even tried to load it as sfm started. It looks pretty awesome from the picture though, thanks for the upload.

GoldenLurker posted 5 years ago to Thessia Space Skybox