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Just wondering, how can we remove the gloves? In your first poster, they aren't there but there's no option for removing them. Also, possibly add in some hair options? When you remove her headgear the hair goes with it.

MadameKat posted 1 month ago to [Sfm/Gmod] Nude Femscout


Awesome prop! I was hoping it would be okay if I used this in an animation for school and my future portfolio {or just school} I intend on linking you! please reply when you get the chance!

MadameKat posted 2 months, 1 week ago to Shibari Props


This would be good but...without a rig imo it's kinda useless. The skeleton used for this isn't worth to trouble. I like the model I'd love if the simple rig or even the OW rig from the workshop worked with it. :/ It's a shame because it's a nice model.

MadameKat posted 1 year ago to Brigitte Overwatch


I love you. Marry me plox? <3

MadameKat posted 3 years ago to Overwatch - McCree


So, I put the bsp file in my Maps folder under usermod/maps, is that the wrong place? I put the materials folders in the correct place and made sure the path was there. So, not sure why when trying to load this map I crash. I tried the pathing two different ways, so I don't know why I'm crashing. If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it. :)

MadameKat posted 3 years, 1 month ago to L4d No Mercy The Apartments map


This is awesome! Do you plan to eventually do Chloe's Room? If so how long would that take? There's no rush I'm just curious. ^^ I use your Maps a LOT.

MadameKat posted 3 years, 10 months ago to Life is Strange - Boys Dormitory