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MidGerm i dont know how often Lordaardvark checks sfmlab but you can also get in touch with him through his tumblr

glossedsfm posted 1 year, 1 month ago to Dragon Age 2's Isabela

JawSFM, are you pretty familiar with the Maya version of this model? do you know if its setup to allow the arms to change from FK to IK? or do you have to manually set it up yourself from scratch. I'm looking at the model in Maya and i see some options like the hand control. I see an option for IK FK Blend, IK Vis and FK Vis. But i cant figure out what value i need to put in there or how to get the arms to behave like IK.

glossedsfm posted 1 year, 5 months ago to Lifeguard (Lilo and Stitch)

Yomaaan not sure what you mean by Beauty and Beast model. But RedMenace did a Laughing Wallaby model. Is Beauty and Beast a different model or an alteration for the Wallaby model?

glossedsfm posted 1 year, 5 months ago to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Big Boss.

Pretty good for an OC Any plans to make more female OC that look different from this one? one thing that i like about this one is it stands out a bit from other artists OC. A lot of different people will have similar tastes in women and when they end up making their own OC then to me they all end up having a lot of facial similarities.

glossedsfm posted 2 years, 2 months ago to Scarlet (Nyotengu based OC)

Anyone know if this is the old character model or the new one?

glossedsfm posted 2 years, 11 months ago to World of Warcraft - Female Night Elf If you look at the one in the middle long enough the eyes start to look like boobs, the armor around the eyes are a bra, the nose area would be the abs, and the neck is visible but the "face" has been cropped out at the very top.

One other thing too that might help you with your revision. I'm not really a fan of Shakira. But if she has a really unique look from a concert or something it might be better to use that because i think the one that you used is a common look for her. For example we all know what Brittney Spears looks like right? but the model that was on SFM a while back was of her in her red bodysuit. Google 'Britney Spears Red' and you will see the one that i mean. That is a pretty good look for her to convert into 3d format because it is different from her other looks. The hair is unique, the outfit is unique even the way she did her eyemakeup is unique. So you see a model that looks like that you think ohh thats Britnney Spears when she sung that one song. So maybe do something like that for your Shakira model? something that is different from the rest of her looks but will still make people who are her fans recognize her because they saw her using that look in a concert or whatever. Also if you do a 2nd or 3rd revision and the face still looks off then maybe consider changing the program that you use to create the face. Your catwoman model may be good but it has has the face covered up. So the program you use may have been good for that. But for stuff like Shakira or any other full face model you make it might not be good enough.

glossedsfm posted 3 years ago to Shakira

The face is off and the hair needs some alpha work. The face is off just a tiny bit and your models looks a bit masculine. You need to find a good front and side view of her face, as close to orthographic proportions as you can find. Then overlay that picture into Blender or Maya or whatever it is you were using and try to match them up. For hair all i know is that you need some work with the alpha function. I only know enough to take a hair texture and turn the alpha on or off. I cant really tell you how to create it from scratch. But you can probably find something about it on youtube.

glossedsfm posted 3 years, 1 month ago to Shakira

Here you go you can use this. I have barely done any posing in the last few months so i'm a bit rusty. Also the model is pretty thick so it was a bit hard to pose and i had to get creative with the angles. Have you thought about using one body and just sticking with that for your thickify projects? like look at the Soria body and make it a bit thicker and just headhack it onto whatever you want. [img][/img]

glossedsfm posted 3 years, 4 months ago to Rachel Nude Thicker version

I said ask if someone wants to volunteer to do your preview pics...dont demand it lol. But seriously though maybe later in the day i'll do a preview pic for you. I've been wanting to do a thick project of my own with either Mei or Rosalina/Soria--head/body hack. You're right that thick SFM models are a niche interest. And in case you havent noticed its a niche that nobody but you seems to be willing to fill and that could be a good thing for you. You just need to keep practicing thickifying models (if you plan on doing more) and you need to add some presentation or find someone willing to do it for you.

glossedsfm posted 3 years, 4 months ago to Rachel Nude Thicker version