Final call to arms against Article 13

Article 13 is almost a fact of life. Let's not allow it to pass. Take action now and ensure that sites like SFMLab continue to exist. This legislation could hurt the internet. Big time. Make this the universe where we ensure the enduring freedom and openness of the internet. Let us protect our digital rights.

Visit and contact your representatives; EU elections are coming up. If they don't vote the way you want: make sure they lose their positions in the coming elections.

No items are available. Maybe upload some stuff?

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If I knew you IRL, I would have hugged you by now.

monamy posted 1 week, 4 days ago to Volume Slider for sfm

And you speak on behalf of everybody because.....?

monamy posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago to HEV Mark IV for Inklings

@lewdmon Have a cookie for that awesome comment, my friend.

monamy posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago to Dragon Ball FighterZ: Cooler Final Form

Well, you can't force someone to upload the models you choose just like that... unless you're willing to pay, then that's a different story. Either way, amazing work. Keep it up.

^ Wow, talk about ungrateful. Those are awesome. As you said, we're in lack of good sound files and any batch is appreciated. Thank you.

monamy posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago to Kissing SFX

If we can contact him, sure. Maybe he uses another account to keep his stuff, like Mediafire or DeviantArt.

monamy posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago to [NSFW] Gardevoir Model Skin

@DynoMite you, sir, win the internet.

monamy posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago to AkkoArkade's Super FNAF models

Oh hey, I wasn't aware trolls are capable of using thesaurus. Anyways, good stuff there, uWotinFokM8. Keep it up.

monamy posted 4 months ago to Wo!262's Lord Dominator

@DevilsCry I agree that his attitude can and will demotivate new promising contributors, but we can just ignore the troll and still give the new guy a heads-up not to pay much attention to him because he's a notorious ill-mannered brat who enjoy picking on other users. It's easy to just STOP INTERACTING with the troll. If you try to tell him off, he'll get bigger and nastier because that's what he wants--attention. I'm not trying to blame you guys; I understand how irritating and frustrating a troll can be, especially on this one's proportions. I'm just saying "don't feed him."

monamy posted 4 months ago to Keki

Guys why are you even still communicating with this troll? Just let him die already.

monamy posted 4 months ago to Keki