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@samork I didn't even seen a comment from you here before (literally just looked, unless I missed it). And it's easy for people to complain about furries, but it's *really* not that weird. I mean, there's scat, feet, licking eyeballs, insects in sex organs, there's a lot of weird stuff no one complains about. I never intend to pick out you, more so the many many people before hand who were complete Ds. But my point is, there's always the option for people to look away. I can't explain my attraction to the stuff, at a guess I'd say it stems from humans always being assholes and thus I seek something non-human but with compatible biological aspects. And I accept people are gonna hate it, but unless I'm shagging them, it's SO none of their business. Hence why I said people are likely closet furs if they openly go around attacking furries. It's just basic psychology. I mean, I don't like scat. I see it around the internet but I don't click on it to complain, ya know?

"There's content I don't like posted on this site. Hmm, what should I do? Ignore it as it has no effect on my life or complain and whine and bitch because I have the option to do so? Well, better go call random strangers creeps for liking something I don't!" Seriously. I assume you all have brains. Considering the fact you *took time out of your day to click on this CLEARLY FURRY item* to complain, it kinda suggests you're either being a bitch for the sake of it or you secretly want the furry D. My money would be on both. You know what they say: If you complain hard about something mundane, you clearly like it.