Mass Effect 3 - Reaper Infantry [Squiddy]

Kaidan Alenko - Mass Effect 3 [GoOR]

Ashley Williams - Mass Effect 3 [GoOR]

James Vega - Mass Effect 3 [GoOR]

EDI + Eva Coré - Mass effect 3 [GoOR]

FemShep - Mass effect 3 [GoOR]

Cerberus extras - Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC [Kali]

Cat6 Mercenaries - ME3 Citadel DLC [Kali]

Alliance soldiers - Mass effect 3 [Kali]

Liara T'Soni - Mass Effect 3 [GoOR]

Jeff "Joker" Moreau - Mass Effect 3 [GoOR]

Maya Brooks - Mass Effect 3 [Lord Aardvark]

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The tutorial in the link should fix it


You are so rude. Duplicate crap? Shit? You can't find these outfits on SFMLab nor on SFMWorkshop (same thing for Liara). I uploaded them here to give more visibility, and since they are not mine, I prefer to not use the SFM Ws


Use (link in the description), it works with every GoOR model.


I think you did something wrong, I tried with the first model (projamesa) and it worked perfectly



I don't have it.