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Is there a specific or loadable rig for the model somewhere?

Y3Ground44 posted 1 year, 2 months ago to Wattchewant's Slug

as someone who owns DoA 5 i sympathize with him and this character. her AI in the game is god damn aggravating in higher difficulties. she is relentless as fuck and will never get off of rushing you down. but with kokoro done. all that is left is hitomi and lei fang (can't wait for her SOOOOOO much)

Y3Ground44 posted 1 year, 3 months ago to Kokoro [DOA Fantasy]

any plans on making hips, butt, boobs, bulge sliders in the future if not. then ignore this. Also thank you for the blank body. Makes head hacking the shadowbolts and any other EQG girl model doable

Y3Ground44 posted 2 years ago to Equestria Girls NSFW Version

works for me. only bad thing i was afraid of was the dazzling models from this would mess it up but NOPE! its good. and just like i said before, the amount of models loading on the file take time to buffer. After that turn off the lighting and just delete the models you aren't planning on using an save out as a separate file

Nevermind fixed it, Needed the 1.7 frozen update and had to txt script a "special" folder for this download. The scene does still chug loading all the models at once though so best i can do from there is delete models I am not working with and save a different scene

welp its crashing on me. So at best to worse my computer can't handle all the bodies and models being loaded...but its progress

any good Ik rigs you could recommend? the current set up on them feels good for posing but not animating since the hips and pelvis are in the same bone. Tried using the Anna Elsa one from LordA unless i need to use the newest one he put.


Y3Ground44 posted 2 years, 1 month ago to Dead Space 2 - DIY Plasma Cutter