About SFMLab

What is SFMLab?
SFMLab is an independent site that means to provide a place for artists to share models, maps and other resources for use in Source Filmmaker and Gmod.
Why not use the Steam Workshop?
There is no denying that the Steam Workshop offers us a great way to share our content. However, the Steam Workshop has its restrictions. For example, uploading adult content is forbidden, and sharing such content may result in your workshop access being revoked. SFMLab was created with the philosophy that consenting adults should be able to share such content. That said, SFMLab is not limited to adult content. Any type of content is welcome, as long as it does not conflict with the law.
You say you allow adult content, but I don't see any while browsing the site?
By default, SFMLab attempts to provide a "work safe" browsing experience. This means that adult content will not be shown to guests and registered users by default. Many people prefer to not see pornography while browsing resources for their Source Filmmaker films. If you want to see adult content, you can enable it in your site preferences.
Do you allow more than just models? Do you allow maps/particles/materials/scripts/some other resource?
Yes. In fact, all kinds of content are welcome. If you think it's useful, it probably has a place on this site.
What about Garry's Mod content?
Garry's Mod content is also welcome. Just make sure it is properly tagged as being Gmod content.
How do I download files?
Downloads are offered to all users, but unregistered users get served ads. So if you don't have one already create an account, and log in. Downloads appear on all entry pages and are served from US and EU servers. The EU server is located in Amsterdam and the US server in San Fransisco.
How do I upload files?
Only registered users can upload files, so if you don't have one already create an account, and log in. Once you are logged in, press the Upload a new Item link from the dropdown in the top right. The upload process consists of two steps. The first step is meant to setup your item's database entry. In this step you fill in your item's name, description and tags, as well as two preview images. Once your item's database entry has been created, the second step is to actually upload your file. You can upload a new file every time you update your model or map. This is known as a revision. When your item is created in step one, it doesn't have any revisions yet. As long as your item has no revisions, it will not be approved by the site staff. You can upload revisions on your item's page.
What are "Verified Uploaders"
Verified uploaders are content authors who can upload files without going through moderation. Their files will immediatelly be available for download.
How do I become a verified uploader?
Verified uploaders are chosen by the site administrator. You need to have uploaded at least two files to the site. If you feel you are eligible, contact the administrator. He may ask you a couple of questions to verify your identity.
How do I get my submission featured on the main page?
Featured submissions are chosen by the site administrator. There's no strict selection process. It just highlights high quality submissions or stuff the administrator likes.
Who made that image pattern you use for the background?
It's an image pattern designed by the guys over at Subtle Patterns. It is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.
Does this site use any open source software?
Yes! The site is powered by Django, several custom tweaks and the design is built on the Bootstrap CSS framework.
I want to delete my upload(s)!
There is currently no way to delete your uploads. Contact the admin with a valid reason. We value all types of content uploaded to SFMLab, and don't delete perfectly useful content. (so don't bother contacting if you have second guesses about the quality of your upload)
I want to delete my account!
There is currently no way to delete your account. Take this into consideration before you sign up.
I want to change my username!
We frequently get requests from users regarding username changes. However, we no longer allow username changes and no longer respond to such requests. Usernames are now permanent. Take this into account before you sign up. Also note that creating additional accounts to get around this is a bannable offense.
Who operates SFMLab?
A guy named Ganonmaster. If you wish to contact him regarding the site or your account, please send him a private message through the site, or an email to admin@sfmlab.com.
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