About this site

The Open3DLab network is a collection of resource sites for 3D models. Open3DLab is for sharing general purpose 3D resources and SmutBase is its adult content focussed sister site. SFMLab provides models and maps for use with Source Filmmaker. Creators and artists can upload 3D resource files, such as FBX, Blender, Maya or 3ds Max files. The files are free to download for anyone.

SFMLab was founded in 2014 and is the most popular Source Filmmaker resource site outside the Steam Workshop. In 2016, we expanded with Smutbase, and in early 2020, Open3DLab rounded out the network of sites. Serving over 20.000 files to the public internet, for the common good, and growing every day.

The sites are maintained by Salaryman, with the help of a handful of volunteer moderators who keep the community in check. This essentially makes maintaining the site infrastructure a one-man operation. The sites are funded by our users, primarily through Patreon and ad revenue. If you find the site useful, please consider becoming a supporter. This will net you several site benefits in exchange, such as ad-free browsing and faster downloads.

How to use this site

Are there any rules to uploading files?
Only a few. Please take note of the rules below. Other than that, use your best judgement. We utilize a manual moderation process which means that admins will verify the legitimacy and/or quality of your upload, and judge it by their content standards.
Having to go through moderation is tiresome! Is there a faster way?
Users who have several published projects under their belt will automatically receive Verified Uploader 🛡️ status. This will allow them to publish without needing approval. How many approved and published uploads do you need? At least 4.
I have anthro/furry/beast content that I would like to upload. Is it allowed?
Yes, but this content should be clearly marked as such (by using the "Furry content" checkbox) and explicit preview pics should be avoided. Please also make sure to enable the "furry content" option in your profile. This option needs to be enabled for both for viewing and uploading such content.
I have underage character models that I would like to upload. Is it allowed?
No. The morality argument aside, even if it concerns fictional characters or 3d models, in the eyes of the authorities it pretty much doesn't matter. The local laws are unclear at best. We do acknowledge that there are corner cases, where characters might fall in a certain age group or otherwise, and we will judge those on an individual basis.
I just signed up, and waited a whole 15 minutes and I still don't have my activation email!!
Generally you will receive your email within 10 minutes, but this is not a guarantee. Be sure check your spam folder if you do not receive your activation mail within an hour. Due to throttling on the part of your provider, it may take up to 48 hours before you receive your activation mail. Questions regarding activation mails sent to the admin mail address will be ignored.
I can't log on to SFMLab and I'm sure my username and password are correct!
SFMLab has switched to use Open3DLab Network accounts. Old SFMLab accounts can no longer be used to log in. Instead, you use the same credentials as Open3DLab or Smutbase. If you do not already have an account, create one on our signup page. Read more about the migration here: SFMLab Migration 2020
I wish to connect my SFMLab account to my Open3DLab network account, but I've lost my credentials!
Send an email with your SmutBase username, SFMLab username to admin@sfmlab.com and we'll get you sorted.
I have a question that's not listed here!
Feel free to ask in our Discord chat, or send inquiries directly to admin@sfmlab.com.

Tagging guidelines

The tags system is currently a work in progress. We are accepting feedback through Discord. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the #bugs-and-features channel.

Our sites have a tagging system that is in some ways similar to the tag systems of famous "booru" sites. There are three distinct types of tags, each describing different aspects of the upload. The different tag types are as follows:

  • General / Misc.
    This tag type describes the more generic attributes of an upload. Is it an environment, a script, a character?
    • In case your upload contains an environment or scene: add the environment tag here. Feel free to also add two or three miscelanious keywords pertaining to the aspects of the environment: add sci-fi for futuristic spaceships. Or forest, outdoor and horror for a creepy forest.
    • In case your upload contains a prop or accessory: add the prop tag here. If the prop belongs to a specific character, be sure to include the character name as a character tag. below. Feel free to also add two or three miscelanious keywords pertaining to the aspects of the prop. For example: add medical for medical instruments, or weapon for guns or knives.
    • In case your upload contains one or multiple characters: add the character tag here. Also tag the sex of the character: female, male and futa being the relevant choices. Since a project can contain multiple characters with multiple variations, simply add all that apply. In addition, see the "Character" tag type below.
    • AVOID using subjective terms like "thicc" or "sexy" - if you feel the need to add these kinds of tags, it likely isn't representative of your model, and will result in your upload being labeled as "deleted" and your account labeled as "banned"
  • Character
    This tag type describes one or more characters included or referenced in your upload. If your upload does not contain any characters, leave this field empty. This is especially relevant for character models. If you are adding a new character name, ensure you write the generally accepted full name of the character. For example, lara croft instead of "lara", aerith gainsborough instead of "aeris".

    When a character has multiple names, only tag the name that is already in the system. We try to keep the number of tags low enough, to the point where we don't have overly specific tags.

    With that in mind: Do not add multiple names. For example, when tagging goku, don't also try to add tags for "Kakarot" or "Son Goku." You should also refrain from adding additional tags for variations of the same character. In the goku example, do not add tags for young or old versions of the same character or variations of oufits. Neither should you add tags for Xeno Goku, Clone Goku or Goku Black.

    Important note: this tag is simply to identify the character. DO NOT use this field to describe features or attributes of your character.
  • Property / Universe / Parody
    This tag type describes the universe your upload belongs to. If you created an original character that is supposed to fit in the Mass Effect videogame universe, you will tag it mass effect.

    Again, we want to limit the number of tags in our system. Do not tag the specific game, chapter or media your character is supposed to fit in. If your original character is supposed to fit in the Mass Effect 2 part of the story, do not tag Mass Effect 2. Only tag the overarching universe; mass effect.

    Important note: this tag is simply to categorize the object as part of a game series, cinematic universe or other fictional world. DO NOT use this field to describe features or attributes of your character.
  • Software
    This tag type describes the software your upload was made for. First the software name itself, and if at all possible, also tag the software name + major release version. We don't care about minor release versions. We don't want hyper specific tags.

    If your model was made for Blender, you must always tag blender. Optionally, tag the major Blender version that your model was made for. DON'T tag the full version, just the major version increment. For Blender 2.76, tag blender 2.7. For Blender 2.79 ALSO tag blender 2.7. For Blender 2.90, tag blender 2.9. For Blender 2.93 ALSO tag blender 2.9. We simply don't care about the third digit, since it gets too granular, and the files are mostly compatible between third digit rarely

    Do not tag individual Source Engine games, mods or tools. If your model was made for Source Filmmaker use the source or source 2 tags. Source Filmmaker models are usually cross-compatible with other Source Engine games and mods, including Garry's Mod. Do not tag sfm or garrys mod, or any other Source engine games. Just pick the Source engine version that it works with. source 2 for the Dota and Half Life: Alyx engine, and source for everything that came before.
When I enter a new tag with capital letters, it automatically saves it as lowercase characters. Why?
All tags are saved as lowercase characters to prevent people from adding duplicate tags with different capitalization.
My tag contains words or characters of Japanese/Korean/Russian/non-latin scripts. How am I supposed to enter these?
While the site can technically handle non-latin characacters, the primary language of the site is still English. You should not use non-latin characters in tags. In case a canonical English name for your tag subject is available, use it. Refrain from using any literal translation you might come up with. In case no authoratative English name exists, it is generally accepted to use a common romanization of the name.
  • Stalker instead of "Сталкер"
  • Genshin Impact instead of "原神", "Yuánshén", "原神" or "Genshin"
  • KonoSuba instead of "この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!", "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!" or "A Blessing on This Wonderful World!"
I added a couple of tags that weren't in the system before. When I view my project, they're not visible on the page. Why?
New tags will need to be approved by an admin or mod before they appear on the site.

Notice and Take Down

If your content was uploaded to this site without permission, please contact the site staff through admin@sfmlab.com. Your message must:

  • Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon (i.e., describe the work that you own).
  • Identify the content on the site that you claim is infringing on your copyright (preferably include a hyperlink to the offending content)
  • Identify yourself as being the legitimate rights holder of the copyrighted work that is being infringed upon. (i.e. proof of identity and documentation that links you to the copyrighted work as being the rights holder)
  • Provide a reasonably sufficient method of contacting you. Email address is preferred.

If the information is accurate, the site staff will remove the infringing content. Note that this process may take several hours or days depending on the staff's availability.